Onikobe Village borders Okayama and Hyogo prefectures. Two important families in this village, the Yura and Nire, have been at odds with each other. Kindaichi Kosuke (Kato Shigeaki) visits a hot spring inn called Kame no Yu at the request of Inspector Isokawa Tsunejiro (Furuya Ikkou) from the Okayama Prefectural Police. The female owner of the inn is Aoike Rika (Terajima Shinobu). Her husband Genjiro (Watanabe Dai) passed away due to a tragic incident that happened 20 years ago while she was pregnant with their second child. The criminal Onda Ikuzo is still missing. Rika’s immediate worry is her son Kanao (Kotaki Nozomu). There has been some talk about marriage between Kanao and Nire Fumiko (Otomo Karen), the only daughter of Nire Kahei who is the village’s biggest businessman. However, Kanao and Yura Yasuko (Kanno Rio), the daughter of the Yura family, are in love with each other and Rika has an uneasy feeling that the two of them will elope some day. One day, as the popular singer Ozora Yukari (Nakajo Ayami), who hails from Onikobe Village, comes back to her hometown with her mother Harue (Kokusho Sayuri) and the village springs to life, Kanao’s fiancee Yasuko is found dead in the plunge pool at the base of a waterfall with a funnel shoved into her mouth. Her horrifying death echoes the lyrics of the handball song. Kanao is devastated by this sudden tragedy. However, this is the perfect opportunity for Fumiko, who has feelings for Kanao, to be with him. If Kanao becomes the son-in-law of the Nire family, they can make him their heir and Kame no Yu’s future will also be secured. The conflict between the Yura and Nire families escalate even further with the mixture of motives of various people.

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