• Movie: Jyukai: The Sea of Trees Behind Mt. Fuji
  • Romaji: Ki no umi
  • Japanese: 樹の海

  • Director: Tomoyuki Takimoto
  • Writer: Takeshi Aoshima, Tomoyuki Takimoto
  • Producer: Takeshi Aoshima
  • Cinematography:
  • Release Date: June 25, 2005
  • Runtime: 119 min
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


At the foot of Mt. Fuji lies the so-called suicide forest, a notorious place where people wary of life can exhale their last gasp. The four different stories in Jyukai all focus on this truly existing forest in Japan, where amongst others a gentle yakuza and a retiring detective confront each other. The forest exhumes an atmosphere of dread and functions as a connecting factor between the different tales

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