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   More than 1,000 years ago, Heian Kyoto was the seat of Emperor Murakami. Natural disasters and epidemics happened one after another across the country. As anxiety and fear spread among the people, the imperial palace in the capital was burnt down by fire. Rumours of a curse even rattle the influential aristocratic Fujiwara clan. Although the imperial palace is rebuilt through the efforts of the Fujiwara clan, a calamity breaks out at the banquet for the Ceremonial Hall (shishiden) too. While a beautiful dancing girl (Yamamoto Mizuki) dances to the flute of Minamoto Hiromasa (Domoto Koichi), a grandson of Emperor Daigo, the vengeful spirit of a warlord appears, radiating a bluish-white light, as stones and roof tiles suddenly fall like rain. Abe no Seimei (Ichikawa Somegoro), who has arrived at the banquet at Hiromasa’s invitation, exorcises the vengeful apparition with his skills in onmyodo. Seimei’s name spreads within the imperial court in one night, and at the emperor’s decree, an onmyo bureau is established in the Greater Palace (daidairi) where government offices are located. Men in the imperial court have been under the spell of the dancer who performed the graceful dance since the banquet. Hiromasa is also one of them. But whenever Hiromasa sees despicable young Fujiwara people go uninvited to her residence night after night, his pride will not allow him to approach her. Seimei watches Hiromasa’s inner conflict with amusement … … However, members related to the Fujiwara clan who attempt to make the dancer their own, meet mysterious deaths one after another, and the situation starts to take on a dimension of seriousness. In the midst of this commotion, Fujiwara no Michinaga (Wada Masato) comes to visit Seimei. Michinaga’s father, Kaneie (Kawahara Kazuhisa) is together with him too, but when his clothing is stripped off, he is invisible below the chest. Kaneie entreats Seimei to lift the curse if that is what it is. Seimei guesses who would use such spiritual powers. He is Ashiya Douman (Kunimura Jun), a shugendo practitioner whose skills are evenly matched with Seimei’s. Dosan has a great hatred of the Fujiwara clan, and an increasing resentment of the imperial court for only using onmyodo. Seimei knows it would be easy for Douman to kill Kaneie with the powers that he possesses, so he must be keeping him alive in this form because of some plot or other. That night, when Hiromasa is playing the flute at Seimei’s residence, the dancer suddenly appears out of nowhere

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