• Movie: Private Eye
  • Revised romanization: Gongjung Gokyesa
  • Hangul: 공중곡예사 / 그림자 살인

  • Director: Park Dae-Min
  • Writer: Park Dae-Min, Yoon Seon-Hee, Lee Young-Jong
  • Producer: Kim Bong-Seo, Lee Sang-Yong
  • Cinematography: Choi Chan-Min
  • Release Date: April 2, 2009
  • Runtime: 111 min.
  • Genre: Thriller / Period-1910 / Private Detective
  • Distributor: CJ Entertainment
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set in 1910, talented medical student Kwang-Su (Ryu Deok-Hwan) roams around a wooded area at night looking for animal corpses to practice his surgical procedures upon. To Kwang-Su’s surprise he discovers a naked human corpse and he immediately proceeds to take the body home. The next day, Kwang-Su learns that the body he discovered is actually the son of a high ranking local politician who recently went missing. Kwang-Su having already removed some of the corpse’s organs knows if he goes to the police he will become the primary murder suspect. Without having anywhere to turn, Kwang-su then lucks upon a flyer advertising the skills of a prominent detective named Hong Jin-Ho (Hwang Jung-Min). He immediately goes to Hong Jin-Ho to ask for his help in finding the real murderer. Unfortunately for Kwang-Su, Jin-Ho has no desire to work on a murder case (he loathes danger) and quickly rebukes Kwang-Su’s offer. Kwang-Su doesn’t give up and eventually appeals to Jin-Ho’s competitive senses as well as pointing out the large reward available for capturing the murderer.

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