Pediatric surgeon Saijo Mikoto (Saito Takumi) now resides at a clinic in small town in Boso as a locum while providing consultation through the internet for children with incurable illnesses. He is assisted by the nurse Takigawa Natsuki (Tanaka Rena). One day, Mikoto is consulted by an elementary school about Nakazono Yu (Yokomizo Naho), a student who has been nibbling chocolate every day, which is abnormal behaviour consistent with a condition known as allotriophagy. The test results indicate the possibility that this can be alleviated through surgery. However, Mikoto makes it a priority to care for Yu’s emotional needs first and Natsuki heads over to see the girl. Nakagomi Ryuzo (Murata Takehiro), the director of Higashi Boso Medical Centre, asks for Mikoto’s help to save a boy who has been diagnosed as unsuitable for surgery. The doctor in charge of the ICU at Higashi Boso Medical Centre has a look of amazement as he watches Mikoto search for a surgery method, even making himself the subject of the experiments. However, Nakagomi has some agenda. Meanwhile, Sakuma Kosaku (Kishitani Goro), who had been serving time in Boso Prison for murder, breaks out of jail. As the news stokes fear among the public, Yu disappears all of a sudden.

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