27-year-old Eto Kana (Kimura Fumino) lives in Tokyo and has never been out of the city before. She used to work as a designer and stay in a company dormitory but moved back to her family home after resigning due to the stress from interpersonal relationships. Meanwhile, Kana’s family gets a call about an elderly granduncle who got injured. She goes to Kyoto where he lives at the request of her worried mother, and stays there for several days to take care of him. Her 70-year-old granduncle Oga Shigeru (Kondo Masaomi) has resided in Kyoto for a long time and there are many things he is particular about. He hands her a hand-drawn map and sends her on errands every day, making her go to a number of incredible and funny places by bicycle. The world that Kana explores is new to her and nostalgic to her granduncle. This is the inner sanctum of Kyoto that she learns about for the first time. She would not have seen these locations if she did not live in the city. Kana discovers her granduncle’s true intentions through these places as well as her encounters with people, and she gradually begins to relax.

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