Plot :

      The mysterious female thief Kurotokage (Maya Miki) steals all “beautiful things” from treasures to military secrets that will become money. Many of these are perfect crimes that have received significant global attention … One day near Christmas, the dead body of a woman is discovered in the sea. The police conclude from the black lizard impression left on the nape of her neck that this is the work of Kurotokage. But only the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s genius deputy commissioner Akechi Kogoro (Watabe Atsuro) who is presiding over the investigation, disagrees with their theory. This is because Kurotokage will never kill someone in order to achieve her goals. At this moment, the police receives a warning of a crime from Kurotokage. The target is ‘Christmas Eve Tears’, a precious stone that is associated with the murdered woman. Valued at 10 billion, it is in the possession of Iwase Shoichiro (Masu Takeshi), the chairman of a large conglomerate. Kurotokage will steal ‘Christmas Eve Tears’ the moment Christmas is welcomed.


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