• Movie: Tokyo Tribe
  • Romaji: Tookyo Toraibu
  • Japanese: トーキョ.トライブ
  • Director: Sion Sono
  • Writer: Santa Inoue (manga)
  • Producer: Yoshinori Chiba, Nobuhiro Iizuka
  • Cinematographer: Daiske Soma
  • Release Date: August 30, 2014
  • Runtime: 116 min.
  • Genre: Action / Musical / Based on a Comic
  • Distributor: Nikkatsu
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Set sometime in the future. Five years has passed since the Shibuya riots. There are now several tribes that exits in Tokyo. Boys makeup tribes and they occupy areas under their influence. Kai Deguchi is a member of the tribe Musashino Saru led by Tera.

One day, a member of Musashino Saru is killed by rival tribe Bukuro Wu-RONZ led by Mera.  Kai and Mera are former best friends, but not anymore. Meanwhile, Tera, the leader of Musashino Saru and a moderate who forbids using violence, is killed by Mera from Bukuro Wu-RONZ.

Musashino Saru is now divided by two sides: one advocates following their slain leader’s non-violence idealogy and the other side who wants to use violence to exact revenge. A riot soon ensues among the tribes.

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