Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka) works non-stop until the end of the year yet again in 2019 and finishes his overseas business trip on 30 December. He heads to an eatery near Narita Airport and is captivated by the chicken garlic set as well as the regular ramen and fried rice set carried by a waitress (Ando Sakura) but he chooses … … For a fleeting moment, Goro feels comforted by the flavours that were up to his expectations. Then he receives a phone call from Takahashi Masanori (Ukaji Takashi), a business partner in Fukuoka whom he was supposed to meet the next day. Takahashi wants Goro to come today and Goro hastily travels to Fukuoka even though he expected to take it easy in the city on New Year’s Eve. He is commended for the merchandise he prepared. But just as he is feeling relieved, he gets into unexpected trouble. He has to go to Pusan in South Korea by high-speed ferry the next morning. However, Goro gets hungry no matter what emergency is about to happen and never forgets enjoy delicious food to his heart’s content even when he is busy. While walking around in frustration, he finds a bar with a fish tank and enters the place. There is a wine cellar that is quite different from the aura of the chef

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