• Movie: Love On-Air (English title) / Wonderful Radio (Korean English title)
  • Revised romanization: Wondeopul Radio

  • Hangul: 원더풀 라디오
  • Director: Kwon Chil-In
  • Assistant Director: Kim Yang-Hee
  • Writer: Lee Jae-Ik, Kim Je-Young
  • Producer: Jung Kyoung-Il
  • Cinematographer:
  • Release Date: January 5, 2012
  • Runtime: 120 min.
  • Genre: Drama / Romance / Music / Radio
  • Production Company: Daemyung Culture Factory
  • Distributor: Showbox
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Jin-A is the former leader of idol group Purple, one of the first generation of girl groups in South Korea and also the most popular at that time. She now hosts the radio program “Wonderful Radio,” but the program suffers from low ratings. The show’s producer then takes time off to give birth. Her replacement is Lee Jae-Ik (Lee Jung-Jin).

Jin-A is late for her first meeting with PD Lee Jae-Ik. Because of this, PD Lee Jae-Ik gets an unfavorable impression of Jin-A and their relationship soon turns worse. During the meeting, PD Lee Jae-Ik instructs the staff to create a new section for the radio program to increase ratings.

Jin-A struggles to come up with a new idea for the radio program. Then, after listening to her mom sing, she suddenly gets an idea. Jin-A wants to invite regular people onto the show and let them read their own stories or letters. The guests will also sing during the segment.

The new segment becomes a hit. Meanwhile, Jin-A attempts to resume her music career and sing songs like “You Are My Angel” that she wrote for her girl group Purple.

A woman then introduces herself on Jin-A’s radio program and insists that she wrote the song “You Are My Angel.” Jin-A becomes flustered then angry. She even uses profanity while on air. After the program Jin-A is kicked off the radio program. The public also becomes outraged by what they perceive as plagiarism on Jin-A’s part. Can Jin-A ever revive her career?


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