Tomio Shiraishi (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) graduated from a prestigious university and now works for foreign securities company. He has a beautiful fiance, Kozue Aoike (Fumino Kimura), and no complaints with his life. One day, his father kills himself, leaving behind large debts. Tomio Shiraishi is liable for his father’s debts. He pays what he can with his savings account, but it is not enough. He is chased by moneylenders. Tomio loses everything. His job, finance and savings. He then becomes homeless.
Tomio Shiraishi then decides to work for Daisuke Akamatsu (Atsuro Watabe), who runs Akamatsu Finance. Akamatsu Finance is the company that drove Tomio Shiraishi to become homeless. The company looks like a normal finance company, but it actually lends money with high interest. Tomio Shiraishi decides to do anything, including illegal acts, to make money.
One day, he meets his high school teacher’s daughter, Mio Konno (Yuko Oshima) who is in heavy debt. Tomio Shiraishi and Mio Konno begin to have feelings for each other, but his former fiance, Kozue Aoike, appears again.


  1. Based on comic series “Jjeonui Jeonjaeng” by Park In-Kwon (first published December, 2004 by Samyang Publisher).
  2. Related titles:
    1. War of Money | JJeonui Jeonjaeng (SBS / 2007)
    2. War of Money | Zeni no Senso (Fuji TV / 2015)
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