• Movie: The Next Generation Patlabor: Tokyo War
  • Romaji: The Next Generation Patlabor Shuto Kessen
  • Japanese: THE NEXT GENERATION パトレイバー 首都決戦

  • Director: Mamoru Oshii
  • Assistant Director: Katsuhito Mogi
  • Writer: Mamoru Oshii
  • Producer: Toru Uemura, Junichi Sakomoto
  • Cinematographer: Hiroshi Machida, Tetsuya Kudo
  • Release Date: May 1, 2015 / October 10, 2015 (Director’s Cut)
  • Runtime: 94 min. / 119 min. (Director’s Cut)
  • Distributor: Shochiku
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Action
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


An attack takes place on Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba, Tokyo by the fighter helicopter “Gray Ghost.” 2 days earlier, the Gray Ghost was stolen. The perpetrators are followers of Yukihito Tsuge. Yukihito Tsuge planned a coup of Tokyo 13 years earlier. The leader of Special Vehicle Section 2, Keiji Gotoda (Toshio Kakei), sets out to stop the terrorists.

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